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Be careful with solicitations

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Be Careful With Interest-Rate Reduction & Debt Settlement Solicitations

It is possible to receive official-looking emails and letters from companies claiming to be Rizeapp, offering you Interest-Rate Reduction & Debt Settlement Solicitations. 

These companies are often called the Bait-and-Switch company or Ripoff Company. They will try to get you to contact them by sending out letters or emails that say they want to lower your interest rate or help you settle your debt, but they'll only do this if you pay them money first. If you don't pay them money first, then they won't be able to provide any services for you.

These companies trick people into paying fees and giving up their credit card information without doing any work for them at all. Ripoff companies prey on people's hopes and fears by promising things like easy loans or no payments for a certain period of time if they just sign over their credit cards immediately. The reality is that these companies might not even exist—they just use names that sound like legitimate businesses so people will give them money without looking into what's really going on behind the scenes.

All of these offers and solicitations are coming from fraudulent companies and have no connection to Rizeapp. Therefore, such offers should be ignored.