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Financial insights: how can they improve your financial wellbeing?

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financial wellbeing

If you are feeling anxious about your finances, you are not alone. Research shows that money worries are common and can affect people from all generations. In the end, we are all seeking to reach a state where we feel secure, happy and healthy with our money - otherwise known as financial wellbeing.

It is a common misconception that financial wellbeing means having money to meet our payment obligations (e.g. credit card, rent or mortgage, loans, etc.), cover basic needs (e.g. food or transport) or indulge in the occasional treat. It is not just about the number of resources available, but how these are managed to achieve a healthy balance between income, expenses, savings, and debts.

But we are not here to tell you things you probably already know, but to give you solutions. And they come in the form of financial insights. Rizeapp's financial insights, integrated with AI, aim to help you meet all your financial goals and improve your financial fitness.

Financial insights: how they relate to your financial well-being

Just as physical health depends on very particular aspects, such as lifestyle, diet or genetics, among others; with economic wellbeing something similar happens, because according to the salary you earn, the expenses you have or the way you manage your finances, you may or may not need to take measures to keep your economy in good health.

With Rizeapp you take the first step, and we take the rest. We aim to increase your LTV (Lifetime Value) using the throve of data available from all your transactions, to provide holistic, meaningful and actionable insights. 

This insights model incentivises you to build better financial habits, and a long-term relationship with the app. Rizeapp's astute insights train the financial fitness of its users and guide them through life's milestone moments, both of which cement the relationship for the long run.

In this sense, your financial insights are directly related to your financial well-being. In fact, the latter depends on the former.

Every personal economy is different, and there is no single formula to manage them all correctly. Or so we thought until quite recently. With technologies such as AI, new apps like Rizeapp have emerged to help you improve your financial wellbeing in a unique and personalised way by analysing and understanding your financial behaviour.


How to improve your financial wellbeing with financial insights

Here are a few habits you can train with Rizeapp to improve your financial well-being:

  • Day-to-day control

Good financial health starts with the most mundane of things: day-to-day control. A good way to keep track of finances is through the Rizeapp app, which allows customers to easily see their income and expenses organised into categories and to know how much they spend each month and what they spend it on. It also allows them to make budgets and keep track of each of them throughout the month. For example, at Christmas many families budget for their holidays, taking into account factors such as the December bonus that some employees receive.

  • Learning how to save more effectively

Once you have your income and expenses under control, it is time to save. We can set small goals or try to build up our financial cushion. Whatever your goal, Rizeapp offers personalised tools and automated saving aids to achieve it, such as creating savings goals and periodically contributing money to them, or scheduling deposits. You will feel rewarded and proud for meeting your savings goals!

  • Establish a set of realistic goals

Setting goals is a challenging task, especially when we have to set them ourselves. Add to this the fact that they have to be realistic goals? Panic sets in.

Fortunately, Rizeapp accompanies you in all aspects of your financial health, and one of them is setting realistic goals. It offers you a hyper-personalised experience where all you have to do is be yourself and you‘re done! Rizeapp takes care of helping you set realistic goals that are aligned with all your financial interests. All with the single ultimate goal of achieving the financial wellbeing we all want so much.

  • Start investing in the major markets

Do you want to start investing and earn some extra money? Don't panic, because with Rizeapp you don't need to be an expert to start investing. Quite the opposite. All those who want to start investing and don't know where to start have an ally in Rizeapp.

With our app, you can start trading shares of top companies, commodities, and cryptos and feel secure with personalized training and pro tools, or let our expert AI model an investment strategy personalized for your goals and personality.

  • Plan all your expenses without surprises

Let's be honest, when you plan your monthly expenses 90% of the time you don't end up meeting the goals you set for yourself in the first place. I get it, there are always a few surprises along the way.

With Rizeapp you can automate your budget and leave stress behind. Then you can boost your real financial well-being with personalised knowledge that eliminates the wow factor.

  • Make better financial decisions

Improving the way you manage your money on a day-to-day basis takes time and dedication, but as you improve your money habits, you'll be on your way to a financial situation you can be proud of.

Planning plays a very important role in financial management. One way to plan is to visualise our complete wealth, i.e. what we have, minus what we owe, to get an accurate picture of where our finances stand so we can make better decisions for the future.

Rizeapp features an AI that will act as your personal mentor, nudging and helping you make the best choices according to your personality and your goals, to maximise your long-term financial wellbeing.



Improving the health of your finances and your level of financial wellbeing takes time, but the more you know, the more empowered you will be to make informed financial decisions that will lead to a better future.

Here at Rizeapp, we want to accompany you on this adventure so that you can achieve all the goals you have and even the ones you didn't know you had. Because achieving financial wellbeing is just one step away, and it is up to you to take it.

Will you join us?